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It is important to think about budgets at the start of your search for a new driveway before you look for a contractor. It is good to know your limits and also the most expensive driveway is not always the best. The design of the driveway plays a huge part and can make a modestly priced driveway look a million dollars.

Another good tip is to go and look in your local area and at the houses similar to yours and see if you could find inspiration from them. This will give you immediate ideas of the type of driveway you are looking for.

So, with the design and budget in mind you are well prepared to have a professional contractor look at your work and you have in mind the parameters in which you want to work.

This design of this driveway gives the impression that it is expensive, It really isn’t. With an excellent design we can really improve the front of your home.



From Block Paving, Tarmac and Resin – We do it all!

Choose an installer that shows some imagination and flair. There is nothing worse than seeing the same driveway street after street, house after house.  We at understand that people want design to mirror their lifestyle and personality. The choices for Driveways and paving are limitless nowadays and with our expertise we can transform a tired looking area into a superb area for you to park off street and refresh the front of your property.

Our driveway company in Leeds have been in the industry for over two decades and are specialists in Paving and Driveway design and installation. No matter the size of the job we will always give 100% attention to detail and our specialist seal of approval.

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Here is a ‘Work in progress’ shot of one of our Installations in Leeds

Paving Before

driveway installation in progress

After Shot

What’s The Best Driveway Paving For You?

You really need to think about the amount of space, the condition of the land and any slope on your property as this can impact what work can be done.  There are loads of different choices; starting from gravel, moving up to block paving or beamish cobbles and there’s the new imprinted concrete. All of these have implications on budget and the time taken. Honestly, you need to think about what you want and need – if it is just somewhere to pop the car – gravel will be sufficient for your needs or if you really want to wow your neighbours we can design a fantastic bespoke installation.

Whatever you choose our Leeds driveway company we will work with you and recommend a unique design that will fit with your lifestyle and budget.

Underneath We Have Shown The Sort Of Distinctive Driveways You Can Expect Going From The Lower End Of The Price Range To The Highest


The Gravel Option

The gravelled option is at the start of the price range but as you can see can still be very pleasing on the eye. You can research the different sorts of gravel yourself and remember you will more than likely need a driveway edging to retain the gravel.

gravel entrance with block border


The Block Paving Option

This is the most popular choice of the three main options. As you can see the blocks can create a great design and we provide a clean and professional finish to the job. Block Paving your driveway provides a fantastic balance between quality and affordability.


The Beamish Cobble Option

The Beamish Cobble is the Ferrari of cobble stones and is manufactured in The North of England by Thomas Armstrong. You can choose from a number of different colours and we can offer you a beautiful design and installation to compliment these authentic and prestigious cobble stones.

our installers finished this

There are other non-paving options that are also appealing like tarmac and resin driveways.

Driveways Cost – What Can I Expect?

Underneath you will see a quick list as to what we feel is going to be the cheapest to the dearest

Here I have listed the types of driveways that we install and in order of price; Starting with the most budget friendly on a sliding scale to the most expensive

  • Gravel
  • Concrete (standard)
  • Gravel and Flags Mixed
  • Gravel and Blocks
  • Block Paving
  • Resin bonded aggregates
  • Cobble Paving
  • Stamped Imprinted concrete

It can be a little tricky to give a standard price for the above options without seeing the area as lots of different factors are involved. As you can imagine drainage, slope, levelling, etc.  All of this is unforeseen until the area is surveyed by one of our professional team.But, to give an idea of prices so that you can really consider what sort of driveway you might like most customers pay between £45 and £70 per m2 on a sliding scale for the options we detailed above. This is for the full job, digging out, installing, waste removal, etc…

We hope that we can give you a little food for thought and that you can really get your head around your budget and the design. If you need any further assistance please, GIVE US A CALL

With Design In Mind, What Do I Need To Think About?

There are a few things that will impact on the design of your driveway, certain things that are unavoidable and essential and will be incorporated in the design by a professional Driveway company. Driveway edging and drainage on your driveway. These two points are essential so that your driveway will stand the test of time and look beautiful and be functional for years to come.

We can help with your ideas. We install the following:

  • Gates
  • Lights
  • Resin
  • Gravel
  • Tarmac
  • Block Paving
  • Permeable Paving

A Recommeded Driveway Contractor in Leeds Installing first class paving, paths and patio’s across Yorkshire


The Drainage

Where will the water go? This is the most important technical question our designers have to answer. Any professional driveway company worth their salt will have this at the forefront of their mind when designing your driveway.

Why is it so important? First of all we are required by law (since 2008) to install the correct drainage systems and for you to avoid planning permission.  Also, it takes a great level of skill and knowledge to understand drainage systems and to incorporate them into a design. Our Leeds driveway contractors will always match up the correct drainage system to the design installation – We try not to compromise on design but the drainage is so important – We normally find a way!

The Edging

The edging on your driveway can be the make or break of it. The edging retains the driveway and provides strength to the groundwork’s and blocks it can seriously impact the aesthetics of the driveway. We use a boot kerb for partitioning off gardens and they come n a range of colours allowing you to match with the blocks on the drive, giving you extra options for the look and feel of your driveway.

Here at Paving and Driveways Leeds we offer a free quotation service and there is no obligation to take the offer. We believe that you should consider the quote seriously as we do not employ salespeople so don’t expect a pushy rep! We send out groundwork specialists who survey jobs on a day to day basis that will give you a fair price and hope that with our professional portfolio you will choose us.

We have surveyors working in Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract, Harrogate and Bradford everyday and all our quotes are processed through the office and sent out in writing after an initial estimate. contact us please click here


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